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Reaching out to the public and community businesses in a way that has not been done before. We are confident we can grow your business fast and consistently! Let's get started Today...

Raised and educated on the Central Coast, Valerie has more than 15 years experience in sales, marketing, and public relations gained while working for Charter Media, Lee Central Coast Newspapers and the Pulitzer Newspaper Group among others. Almost five years ago she seized the opportunity to buy Noble Productions,where as President she oversees all aspects of producing, directing, selling and promoting niche TV shows on local cable channels. Valerie produces non-traditional type marketing – typically 30 minute shows that feature one or more businesses or local events. The Central Coast is full of small business with big stories to tell. Unfortunately, in a world dominated by big-name brands, it’s hard for the small business owner to get noticed. Noble Productions and Marketing is a small company devoted to bringing big attention to small businesses. Valerie Mercado, Owner of Noble Productions and Marketing uses a camera, devoted television channel and marketing savvy to not just promote small businesses but to create stories that help connect customers and brands. With more than 20 years sales and marketing experience, Mercado is helping small and mid-sized businesses finally get the attention they deserve. “From a business perspective, people think I’m crazy because I seek out small businesses to help, but I seek out those clients because they are the ones that need help,” Mercado said. 

Coming from a media and corporate background, Mercado said she knew it was hard for these small businesses to compete. Noble Productions and Marketing was built to provide the services to help small businesses. To further enhance marketing efforts Mercado decided to add Central Coast Now, a channel dedicated specifically to showcasing these clients.

As Noble Productions and Marketing, and Central Coast Now grows its mission remains the same: To provide excellent programs for viewers and help highlight the quality small businesses and communities in the Central Coast area.

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