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Frank Madden
Century 21 Hometown Realty

"Noble Productions contacted us in late 2010 and asked to do a spotlight story on Pioneer Museum.  It would aire on a local Cable Channel at various times so that it could be seen in different time slots. On the appointed day, the crew showed up exactly on time and made our docent feel very comfortable in being able to do a Museum tour on camera.  With so much to see, what started off as a 15 minute segment became a 45 minute one.  The result was that many, many people saw this video from all over the viewing area. We received phone calls of congratulations but the best part was that our attendance spiked from both local people and some who traveled quite a distance  to visit the Museum after watching the TV video. The entire staff at Noble Productions that we dealt with were gracious, knowledgeable and accommodating in helping us deliver our message and showcase Paso's Museum.  Thank you Noble Productions. Well done indeed!"
Chuck Desmond
President of the Board for Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles

"It was my pleasure to meet the crew from Noble Productions some time ago.  They approached me to talk about a  2 – 4 minute spot that would be aired on television, along with some other wineries.  After some hesitation, I decided to do this spot.  This was one of the best advertising moves I have made. 
On film day, the crew showed up and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process.  Full of helpful ideas, they guided me through a series of scenes that exemplified our history, hospitality and fine wines. They even made me look good on TV! 

As soon as the first clip aired, we started getting visitors to the tasting room that commented on what a great story the clip told and that they were visiting because if the clip. 
I look forward to working with the crew at Noble Productions again in the near future on more clips."
Rotta Winery, Paso Robles
Mike Giabinni

"Began approx. 5 months ago, they had so much fun filming it and they had such good results that they decided to participate again.  Then because of the success they assisted us in the 46W sine show and they have even sponsored our new Cooking Show.  Mary Beth “this is the most affordable and effective advertising she has ever done."
Doce Robles, Paso Robles
Mari Beth Jacobson

"Within the first week of the 46 W wine show, rented out one of his suites, which he has always had a hard time renting.  Has had great success in growing his Italian style variety of wines, which was completely unexpected.  He has also rented the elaborate Villa thanks to the Wine show.  One month paid for his entire 3 month total to participate in the wine show."
AJB/Berardo, Paso Robles

“Noble Productions did a fantastic job producing the TV commercial for me and my associates at Century 21 Hometown. They were extremely professional and organized. Most importantly, I’ve had no TV experience and they made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve received one call from a potential client from the commercial, and many current clients and others have remarked that they’ve seen the commercial and thought it was really well done. I’ve also had the opportunity to use the clip on my website and other social media. I feel that has been powerful because people seeing my online presence feel a closer connection to me through the video. It was a very nice bonus that has helped immensely. Caroline and her team are easy to work with and I intend to continue to do so!”
Kristen Crabtree
Century 21 Hometown Realty, Pismo Beach


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